Natural Urns and Vessels

There are many beautiful, earth-friendly options for the preservation of a loved one’s ashes. Some are available only through special order. We carry a collection of hand-painted gourd urns as well as finely crafted ash containers made from ceramics, wood, or willow. We also make natural, organic hemp and cotton drawstring bags.

These urns and gift boxes are made by American craftspeople using organic fabrics and cording. They are available in a variety of color combinations, and only natural dyes are used. These are lined with soft, organic fabric.

Natural Urns
Natural Urns

Bamboo Urn

Model No. UR001
Aspen $95
Glade $95
Laurel $95

Wood Urn

Model No. UR005
Turned Vessel $575
Modern $675
(walnut/maple) $185
Vertical (pine)

Willow Urn

Model No. UR002
Bluebell $95
Fern $95
Crocus $95

Banana Ebony Coffin

Model No.
Banana: UR006a
Seagrass: UR006b
3 handmade styles available contact for details

Banana Urn

Banana Urn

Seagrass Urn

Seagrass Urn

Seagrass Urn

Biodegradable Urns

Final Footprint is pleased to bring you some very beautiful biodegradable sphere urns.

Human Volume: 190 cu ins.

We have three stands available for display purposes. Others would have to be ordered.

Humans/large pet: $105.00
Pets: $90.00

Eco-Sphere Salt

Eco-Sphere Salt

These urns are made specifically for burial at sea. The materials are sea salt, with vegetable binder. This will dissolve in the sea in approximately 7 minutes, depending on the water temperature.

Eco-Sphere Earth

These urns are handmade from organic plant extracts golden sands with binding clay. They dissolve between 1 and 7 months depending on soil moisture. Perfect for planting a plant to commemorate your loved one. Trees should not be planted in the urn, but along side.

Eco-Sphere Sand

Eco-Sphere Sand

These urns are handmade from sand and vegetable plant bindings. It will dissolve in fresh water in approximately 5-7 minutes depending on water temperature.