Final Footprints | Natural Urns & Vessels
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Natural Urns & Vessels

There are many beautiful, earth-friendly options for the preservation of a loved one’s ashes. Some are available only through special order. We carry a collection of hand-painted gourd urns as well as finely crafted ash containers made from ceramics, wood, or willow. We also make natural, organic hemp and cotton drawstring bags.

These urns and gift boxes are made by American craftspeople using organic fabrics and cording. They are available in a variety of color combinations, and only natural dyes are used. These are lined with soft, organic fabric.

Bamboo Urn

Model No.



Aspen $95
Glade $95
Laurel $95

Willow Urn

Model No.



Bluebell $95
Fern $95
Crocus $95

Wood Urn

Model No.



Turned Vessel $575
Modern $675
(walnut/maple) $185
Vertical (pine)

Banana Ebony Coffin

Model No.

Banana: UR006a

Seagrass: UR006b



3 handmade styles available contact for details

Banana Urn

Seagrass Urn

Round Pandanus Urn

Spherical Urn

Keepsake Urn

Images and info coming soon.

Scattering Tubes

Images and info coming soon.