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When Jane first had the idea for this business, Colorful Coffins was its name. Jane wanted her casket (coffin) painted by a dear friend with all the interests in her life. This led to the thought that other people might like the idea.

Natural burial was beginning in England when Jane was back home for a few years. Upon her return to the States she started researching. She didn’t find many around the U.S. That led her to home funerals and classes on conducting home funeral.

Over the years since then, Jane has been involved in the Funeral Consumers Alliance the only advocacy group in the United States; natural burials and the Green Burial Council, and lastly the Home Funeral Alliance. This encompasses much surrounding death and dying. Attending conventions, green festivals, and conferences, has introduced her to natural burial preserve owners, authors, journalists, and others in these organizations that gave her a broad understanding of laws state and federal, and options for people in this troubling time of their lives.

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As a small business owner interested in a natural burial and helping the environment, Jane now helps others who may have similar ideas bring them to fruition.

Final Footprint can supply biodegradable caskets, advise on home funerals and help select a green burial site not only in California but across the country.

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