Thank you so very much. Your help has been a Godsend.

— Connie, Wyoming

I love the idea. It's good.
— Cynthia Moncada, age 9

I believe that the information you provided will change the way many people think about burials.
— Scott McHargue, Texas

When I opened the box and saw the casket for the first time, I was blown away. I laid the casket on a table and examined the details of the craftsmanship for some time. It was exactly what we wanted. I am still amazed at how little it cost. From the fine weaving of the bamboo to the organic cotton shroud, it was perfect in every detail. What a fantastic value. Mother was a lover of and an avid collector of finely crafted baskets while she lived, so it was very appropriate that she would be laid to rest in such a beautiful “basket”.
— Scott McHargue, Texas

I must comment on the meticulous job you did when you packaged our casket for shipping. We received the casket in perfect condition.
— Scott McHargue, Texas

It was a great comfort to me to be able to speak to you on the phone. Thank you so much for the time you spent answering my questions.
— Scott McHargue, Texas

I'm excited to see an active green burial scene here in NC growing and reaching out to the world. Maybe when the time comes for me—hopefully not in the immediate future—I'll have more options than filling my body with noxious chemicals and sticking me in a fancy casket, or using up fossil fuels to burn me to a cinder.
— Sami Grover

Saw Jane Hillhouse's coffins at a Green Funeral Fair in Northern California and they are absolutely beautiful. It's an idea whose time has come!
— Zoe Fitzgerald Carter

Jane's coffins are incredible, lovely to look at and reasonably priced. She is truly bringing a needed product to the funeral business. Along with home funerals, the future of the industry is changing in very positive ways. People are being more responsible and letting loved ones know their wishes. They are putting their affairs in order. Dying with dignity is a right of everyone. And the more we face the subject of death, the better.
— Maggie Watson

Jane Hillhouse is a a great example of what the elder President Bush called a "point of light." Her knowledge of, and enthusiasm for her ecological burial services and products put her in the vanguard of a positive new movement in America. She is an easy person to like and I'm proud to work with her.
— Rob Caughlan

Thank you for all you did. You were the missing link. (I provided a decorated cardboard casket for the home funeral and lying in honor, then Steve placed Bev in the casket and drove her to the crematorium in their wagon.)
— Barry, Half Moon Bay, CA