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Green Burial Benefits for Funeral Homes

Natural Burial Benefits for Funeral Homes

Did you know...
• There are currently 41 natural burial grounds in 26 states, and more are being planned
• Only biodegradable caskets can be used in these natural burial grounds

There is increasing awareness by customers of the environmental impact of their actions. Many are choosing to be buried in natural burial grounds and conservation areas. Funeral Homes can assist customers by offering Green Burial Council certified caskets and offering services such as home funerals.

Final Footprint can provide your funeral home with a variety of customized casket options in banana leaf, rattan, woven bamboo, and wood. Final Footprint is also the only U.S. distributor of Ecoffins, a Fair-Trade certified line of caskets.

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Jane Hillhouse is a a great example of what the elder President Bush called a "point of light." Her knowledge of, and enthusiasm for her ecological burial services and products put her in the vanguard of a positive new movement in America. She is an easy person to like and I'm proud to work with her.

Rob Caughlan