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See the video that ran on KCBS News, San Francisco, June 12, 2012 telling our story

Meet Jane Hillhouse

Jane Hillhouse, an esteemed resource on natural burials and founder of Final Footprint, will appear at the following events:

September 4, 2011 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Marin County Fairgrounds

San Rafael, CA

October 7 - 9, 2011

The Beaches of Santa Monica, CA

October 23 - 26, 2011

McCormick Place Lakeside Center, Chicago, IL

Articles on Natural Burial

Natural Burial is a Gentler Way to Leave

Jane Hillhouse has been part of the movement to "green" the funeral industry since 1994. She learned about the natural burial movement when she was visiting her native England, and then brought that interest and commitment back to the United States...

Natural Burial Is Gaining Ground: Advocates Are Speaking Up Across North America

...Natural Burial is gaining ground all across the country. Sometimes it even gets media attention, as in the case of Lynn Redgrave's funeral....This weekend, Jane Hillhouse of Final Footprint will have a booth at Solfest XIV featuring environmentally friendly, hand-crafted fair trade caskets and urns. Jane has been part of the movement to "green" the funeral industry since 1994...

EcoFair 2011 Encourages Environmental Responsibility

..."Burial is better for the environment than cremation," said founder Jane Hillhouse, showing off the company's collection of woven rattan and seagrass caskets. "The furnace used in cremation is a big energy user — one operator told me you could heat a home for a couple of weeks with the energy used in cremation. And most members of the baby boom generation have a lot of mercury in their mouths. With cremation, that all goes into the atmosphere."...

Natural Burial Featured at the 10th Annual New Life Expo in San Francisco

...The New Living Expo is a natural venue for Hillhouse because the event brings together speakers and exhibitors specializing in health, healing, relationships, and sustainable living. Hillhouse has been part of the natural burial movement since she first learned about it in 1994 in England. Soon after, she brought her passion "across the pond" to the United States. Now she supplies biodegradable caskets and urns to families and funeral homes throughout this country...

Natural Burial Expo 2012: Learn How to "Green" Your Farewell

...Natural burial was the standard practice in the U.S. until the Civil War, when embalming became the standard practice for preserving the bodies of fallen soldiers for the train journey from the battlefields to their homes. Hillhouse points out that home funerals and natural burial are options that allow families to care for their loved ones themselves, if they choose. They also provide ways for people to continue their commitments to the environment. According to FTC rules, embalming is rarely necessary, so natural burial practices and the use of environmentally-friendly caskets allow bodies to naturally return to the earth...

Funeral fair opens door to eco-friendly exits

It's hard to always be ecologically correct - especially when you're dead.
In the Bay Area, however, it's getting easier to die green. No need for embalming fluids, mortuary wakes, fancy caskets and concrete vaults...

Natural Burial Travels East

When I wrote about a Green Burial Expo in California, asking if green burials could be fun, one commenter worried that we were perpetuating the notion that sustainable funerals have to be "wacky" or offbeat. Indeed, while natural burial may give us a great opportunity to refresh and update our rituals around death, they are not just for hippies anymore. In fact, from jute coffins to woodland burial, sustainable end-of-life choices are cropping up everywhere...

Slideshow Photos of Ramsey Creek Preserve in Westminster SC taken by Billy Campbell, President of Memorial Ecosystems, Inc.

Ramsey Creek Preserve, Westminster SC.
Photo by Billy Campbell.