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California Case Study: Refunds of prepaid cremation money

A DYING TRADE: One of the fastest growing industry sectors in England. A new opportunity for profits in the US.

     In the United Kingdom it’s known as the ‘dying trade’, though it is one of the fastest growing industry sectors in the country. Now it’s hitting the shores of the U.S. Witness the rise of natural burial.

Home Funerals – Part 1

I began last time, by comparing the beginning and end of life processes in the United States. The beginning of life has a vast and rapidly growing set of natural components. The end of life process has far fewer, and they are not growing nearly as quickly. That does not take away from their importance or validity. One of first components I’d like to talk about is home funerals.

Natural Death vs. Natural Birth

Hi, my name is Jane Hillhouse, and I am the founder of Final Footprint, the leading resource for natural burial products in the United States. As you can tell by the business that I am in, I have a passion for making the end of life, the only thing that is even more certain for all of us than taxes, a part of the natural process flow that we are all subjected to by the most immutable laws of nature.

The Five Foot Coffin

You can't sell a five-foot coffin. Okay, so that isn't entirely true. You can, it's just really hard. Everything we do is designed to limit the ecological impact of our choices. Our coffins are made from renewable and biodegradable resources, for example. So, it seems obvious to us that we also shouldn't use any more material than we need to. It sort of goes along with the backlash against Hummers, and the trend towards more fuel-friendly vehicles. So (be prepared, we're walking the line of morbid here), does a five foot person need to be buried in a seven foot coffin?

Green Burial Council

You might have noticed the Green Burial Council insignia on the home page of Final Footprint. We have a lot in common. We both want to encourage ecological responsibility in the field of funeral service and be good stewards of the environment. Even more, we want to support your wish to reduce a final footprint by offering education and products.

Natural Burial has the potential to add another layer of meaning to a final plan. In conjunction with other funeral rituals, a natural burial shows respect for the earth and acknowledges our inter-relationship.